Tracing Vellum - 24" wide x 20 yd.

Tracing Vellum - 24" wide x 20 yd.



Those who use this medium as a tracing 'material' absolutely love it!  This 'paper' is totally see-through, yet strong enough to withstand the use of an eraser.  Use pencil to draw off your personalized pattern, but if you need to erase any pencil marks, off they come with the tracing vellum maintains its' stability and integrity.

You'll love the multiple uses that the Tracing Vellum offers:

  • drawing off your personalized patterns
  • as a 'see-through' press cloth to prevent 'iron shine'
  • lay under seam allowance when pressing to prevent edge imprint
  • durable & strong - erases without shredding into holes 

Your patterns keep well when drawn on this vellum.  Patterns can be folded or rolled and still be ready for re-use as needed.  I know once you try it, you'll love it too.

  • See-through
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Erasable


2 convenient sizes of rolls to choose from:

-24in. wide x 20 yard roll = $22.95

-18in. wide x 50 yard roll = $41.95


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