Fitting Plus Sizes & Curves with Sure-Fit Designs

Fitting Plus Sizes & Curves with SURE-FIT DESIGNS™ 

   ...the fitting system for any body shape.

Since 1982, the Sure-Fit Designs™ pattern system of fitting and sewing patterns, has been offering seamstresses of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to sew clothing from patterns that fit exclusively to their unique dimensions.  The Sure-Fit Designs™ Master Patterns have been used over the years by hundreds of thousands world wide to achieve great fit for all clothing needs.

Sure-Fit Designs™ is a multi-measurement sized pattern system that gives you the quickest and easiest way to achieve good pattern fit by literally BLUEPRINTING or customizing the pattern to your actual body measurements and shape.  The Dress (Blouse & Skirt) Kit and the ladies' Pants Kit will fit circumferences up to 62" (157.5cm) in the bust and hip area.  The 'Uni-Sex' Shirt Kit fits both men and women up to 56" (142cm) in the chest/bust area.

Increasing Grading Measurement Dots

But...that's not all!  Included with every order is a guide sheet on Enlarging the Master Patterns if necessary (and Mixing and Matching all the kits).  A visual example of doing this enlarging process is given on this free order enclosure.  And soon, I will post a how-to video showing you exactly what to do on your Dress and Pants pattern.
With this 'enlarging process' the sky's the limit.  You really can increase the measurement options on the master pattern as large as you need to accommodating your unique circumference measurement.  You'll want to watch the videos below for this process.
Larger than an E-cup Bra shape? No problem!  Just click on this link to see how to increase the size of the Adjust-A-Bust template.  There's absolutely no need for a FBA (Full Bust Adjustment) - no need to slash and spread the pattern in a million pieces.  The Adjust-A-Bust template is part of the contents of the SFD Dress Kit.
To assist you, the Key to the System, the Designing Stylus, with all the curves on your body incorporated into one designing/drawing tool, makes the drawing of your customized pattern quick and easy.
See New Video Below - Finessing the Designing Stylus
With your basic body blueprint pattern, you can now achieve unlimited fashion styles and designs, and best of all, exclusively fit to your individual measurements.  Any style of dresses, blouses, skirts, jackets, coats, evening wear, nightwear, vests, pants or shirts can all be designed to your unique shape.
  All shapes and sizes of seamstresses world wide, have used this fitting and designing system since 1982 and the benefits are numerous:
  • You can fit and sew for any person, no matter the height, width or body irregularities, quickly and easily every time.
  • As your body shape changes, you can re-use the patterns and tools for all your fitting and sewing – with no additional items necessary to achieve that great fit – thereby saving money.
  • You can sew any design/style you want and never have to purchase another pattern.
  • You can sew with this system forever!  Its versatility never wears out!
  • You can expand your sewing, fitting and designing skills and talents at your own pace.  There are designing capabilities in all of you.  Give them the opportunity to grow and express themselves.
New How-to Video Series - Fitting the Plus Size Figure with Sure-Fit Designs™
If you are a plus size - full figured woman and need a few extra 'fitting helps', watch these videos on using the Sure-Fit Designs™ master patterns to get your best fit possible. 
SFD Dress Kit
Extending the measurements on the SFD Dress Kit Master Patterns.
See how easy it is to enlarge the measurement range offered for the Dress Kit Master Patterns.
SFD Pants Kit - Part 1
Extending the hip and crotch measurements on the SFD Pants Kit Master Patterns.
See how easy it is to enlarge the size of the Pants Kit hip and crotch measurements.
SFD Pants Kit - Part 2
Lengthening the Waist/Crotch grid on the SFD Pants Kit Master Patterns.
See how simple it is to lengthen the Waist/Crotch grid and increase the waist measurement size range of the SFD Pants Kit.
Finessing the curves on the Designing Stylus - Pants Kit crotch extension.
See how to use and finesse the curvatures given on the Designing Stylus when connecting the measurement dots for fuller figures.
Some Comments from Customers:

Hi Glenda
Before I found Sure Fit Designs, I had given up on trying to sew for myself.  Being on the larger end of plus size it's hard to find the styles I want in stores and patterns.  I ordered the Pants kit figuring I had nothing to lose.  I was able to draft a pattern, and make a muslin that actully fit over my hips.  With Glenda's support I made some minor adjustments to create a pattern that fits my body.  I'm so excited to be able to sew for myself again.
Brenda - Minnesota USA
Hi Glenda
I’m singing praises for Sure-Fit Designs. I measured myself and made a sloper. I used the sloper to make two different blouse patterns. The fit of both were amazing. I am a plus size. My stomach protrudes in front and hips in the back. I’d given up on fitting myself. Thank you so much. I look forward to much more sewing pleasure.
Charlotte - Boiling Springs SC USA

Glenda, 'I am so happy with my Sure Fit Designs pants, they fit so well, and are so easy to come together for a perfect fit.  I just had to fine tune the darts a bit, as I have a slight hollow there on the front. I can't wait to draft the shirt pattern to go with the pants.
This aside, thank you so much for all the help, Glenda, I felt I had a teacher there to help me.  I'm sure you will hear from me again...I haven't made a shirt with a stay before, so that will be a learning curve. Bye the way, I loved the jacket which comes with your site (with a skirt that has godets).
Trudy - Queensland
'Dear Glenda - Thank you so much for all the help.  I can not say that enough.   It is so nice to have something comfy to wear.   I can't wait to keep making more of a wardrobe. You make all dreams come true and possible, and it was so simple when you have the video's and your directions to follow.'
Rojene - Iowa USA
Hi Glenda - These are my variation of your yoga pant with front "jeans" style pockets. I have dropped the front waist to just at navel height and lengthened the back crotch length for modesty when I bend over. I sewed three pair of the exact same pants in a navy stretch woven. They fit like a dream and large women frequently ask me where I bought my pants - they want great pants like these as well. I am nearly six feet tall and have a very long inseam. My waist is 13 inches smaller than my full hip measurement, but that's no problem with these pants. They slide on nicely, but not so loosely that they sag and bag when I carry a phone in my pocket. And no gapping at the back waist!! The fit on these pants is miraculous and I got it right on the first try with Your excellent directions.
Gail - Kansas USA