Customer Testimonials

  • Hi Sure-Fit Designs,
    This (pattern fitting & sewing) system is pure genius and fun!  I wish I'd found this way of pattern making years ago. It's been so long since commercial patterns fit me, but the smiles have come back to sewing since I started sewing with the Sure-Fit Designs kits.  I've made a boatload of well-fitting clothes for me, for my mother and now for my daughter in the last couple of months.  I'm clearing my closet of all the things which don't fit - either making alterations or putting them into a charity bag.  I've never enjoyed sewing for myself this much.  Elizabeth S.
  • Hi Glenda,
    I’m singing praises for Sure-Fit Designs. I measured myself and made a sloper. I used the sloper to make two different blouse patterns. The fit of both were amazing. I am a plus size. My stomach protrudes in front and hips in the back. I’d given up on fitting myself. Thank you so much. I look forward to much more sewing pleasure. C. Lyda
  • Hello Glenda,
This is my second recent purchase...I LOVE Sure-Fit Designs!  I successfully drafted and made pants for myself many years ago using Sure-Fit Designs.  I've just recently returned to sewing and I'm determined to lose the pants and start wearing dresses and skirts again!  I have to admit that I initially tried to use software for drafting, but I was unhappy with the results.  I quickly remembered Sure-Fit Designs and ordered the Dress Kit.
My first muslin test yesterday was a total success!  I stood in my muslin dress and thought, this is so comfortable, I'd wear this (even with seams and darts on the outside, strings and pins everywhere)!
Your videos are so empowering for all those ideas that I have running around in my head.  I would highly recommend the Sure-Fit Designs system for it's accuracy, ease of use and common sense attitude!
I caught the tail end of your first Facebook live broadcast today.  I'm so glad to see that you are keeping up with the technology and appealing to younger sewists and encouraging them to make clothing that fits!  I'm so tired of seeing everyone wearing ill fitting t-shirt variations.
Keep up the good work!  I may be your newest fan, but please let me know if I can do anything to help the cause!  Life is short...wear clothes that fit!
Sue J from California
  • Hi Glenda,
I just started sewing in October.  I have been investigating all different things since then and I bookmarked your site.  I also like the learning part of it all - soak it up like a sponge.  So after watching some of your videos yesterday, I decided not to waste any more time 'watching' and decided to jump right in, purchase the items and then watch/do and create something (versus just a good read!)
I love the 'Glenda the Good Stitch'.  You have fabulous reviews all over the place including Pattern Review etc.  I'm looking forward to designing clothes that are simple but look like they finally fit.
I work at a hotel and we are always striving to exceed everyone's expectations and take our surveys seriously.  You are exceeding everyone's expectations!
Thank you,
L. Nash - Tennessee
  • Hi Glenda,
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Sure-Fit Design Pants fitting kit I recently bought.  I have been sewing since I was 8.  I am now 69!  Time flies when you're having fun.  Over the years I have sewn from many commercial patterns.  The fit was never quite right.  After years of that, I decided to take some flat pattern making classes at the junior college.  I have drafted many, many flat patterns from my own measurements and they have turned out better than the commercial patterns.  I have to say this, the pattern I drafted from the Sure-Fit Design master pattern is the best of them all!  I was hesitant at first thinking that it might be complicated or just not turn out as expected.  I was so wrong.  I found it very easy to draft the pattern because of your excellent instructions - in the book that comes with the Kit and also the information in the DVDs.
P. Jones - CA
  • Glenda...Excellent system!  You've converted me!  I drafted my first pants blueprint.  The instructions are methodical and logically written.  Glad I found you early in my sewing.  Appreciate your knowledge and for making a difference in the world of sewing.
D.M. - Canada
  • Hi Glenda,
I am so excited to FINALLY have pants that fit!  After sewing for 50++ years and a countless number of trial and error pants that were never worn, I now have success.  As soon as I drew the back crotch curve, I knew this was a winner!  I can't thank you enough.
C. Shaffer - FL
  • Hi Glenda,
First I would like to express how impressed I am with Sure-Fit Designs, the instructional DVD's and videos, and your support.  As a former teacher, I really appreciate your teaching talent.  You are thorough, concise, systematic and very well organized!  It is a pleasure to watch your DVD's and YouTube lessons.  I think it's amazing!  I also wanted to add that I only wish I'd known about Sure-Fit Designs years ago.  It would have saved me hours upon hours of discouraging frustration trying to make a commercial pattern fit my body.  I am looking forward to designing my own patterns and stop purchasing patterns that don't work for me.
S. Mock - Canada
  • Hi Glenda,
I purchased a kit last week and quickly drafted my pants.  The instructions were clear and straightforward.
My first pair turned out well with minimal fine-tuning.  I am very fussy and I am very happy with the fit!
Thank you for an excellent product, for your helpful videos and excellent service.  I will highly recommend Sure-Fit Designs and your website!
S.J. – USA
  • Dear Glenda;
    I just wanted to let you know that I seem to finally have a muslin of pants that fits me!  What a miracle!
After my first attempt I was able to determine how to again "smooth out the uneven waistline issue" and have achieved a great fitting muslin.  Now I will try the pant for real.  I have been sewing since I was nine years old, and after 52 years am finally achieving my dream of properly fitting clothes!  I have been embarked on this quest since I retired seven years ago.  I want to thank you for being there on the other end of the phone when I needed your help.   Valerie Schroeder - N.Y. USA
  • Hi Glenda,
I bought the SFD system a couple of weeks ago when I agreed to sew Hawaiian dresses for a dance group in the area.  I had 12 dresses to make.  I was thinking that the ladies would be slim athletic type women.  Well, not exactly!  These ladies ranged from size 12 to 24 with waists from 25" to 45".  I made each lady a master bodice pattern and then used the commercial pattern to make the princess line dresses.  I am delighted to report that all but one dress fit perfectly in the bust-line with minor tweaking to perfect the personalized fit. The one dress, that I was a little worried about, was just a matter of letting out the seams around the waist, then bust-line fell into place.  I had two ladies that I needed bigger sleeves/armhole for movement when they dance and two ladies who wanted more room in the back princess seam for more movement.   Overall, the ladies were happy and I was so excited that I can just do finishing work on the majority of the dresses.  Check out the pictures of the Hawaiian dresses.
I was so happy with Sure Fit Designs for adults that I ordered the children's pack to work on some grand-kid's outfits. 
Thanks for your instructive videos that walked me through the process.
All the best,
Paula Biggs – USA

  • Hi Glenda - I have owned the Sure-Fit Design kits for many years and recently purchased the updated Pants kit.
I have just sewn up 4 new shirts and 1 jacket based on the Shirt Kit and thought I would send you photos.  This Shirt pattern has been a real boon to me – I like to wear lots of shirts (sometimes with Camisoles or T Shirts underneath), both for business and leisure. When I feel the need for a new shirt I usually go through my ‘stash’, find several with a similar colour palette and then make them up at the same time – using the same coloured thread in my machine and overlocker.  As I work full-time I find this the most efficient way to work.  I cut them all out on a Sunday afternoon, then spend an hour each week day preparing the collars, cuffs etc so that by the following weekend I just need to construct all the different pieces.  Very much a production line.  Each of the shirts has something different – sleeves, yolks, darts or hemline.
The pink jacket was sewn to wear to a recent wedding.
I am a member of the Australian Sewing Guild and took my shirts and jacket along to recent meetings in Bunbury and Mandurah.
Wishing you and all the Sure Fit ‘family’  all the best.
Dixie S. - W.A. – Australia
  • Hi Glenda!
I picked up the package this morning and was so excited to start that I forgot to have breakfast (coffee was enough to tide me over...).  I now have the BEST SLOPER I HAVE EVER HAD!!!  I made the dress sloper and I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing process this has been – your video is fantastic and I have been watching the DVD and following your instructions step by step.  I am SO GLAD I purchased the vellum – I had tracing paper but this is so much easier to work with – plus being able to erase is essential.
I was excited to let you know how thrilled I am with Sure-Fit Designs.  I researched quite a few systems before deciding on Sure-Fit Designs, and I can say, this was worth every penny, and if all of my failed attempts at sewing had to happen for me to get here, well then, that was worth it too.
Sara K. - Albuquerque NM
  • Hi Glenda - First of all thank you for the time you spent on Skype with me going over my sloper. 
Since then I have made a dress,  a top and 2 pairs of capri pants for myself and a shirt for my husband. 
My husband said that this shirt is the best he has ever owned.  It fit so well.  He used it to a party over the weekend and got so many compliments.
I was amazed at how my capri pants turned out.  They did not need any adjustments at all and fit just perfect.  It is so great to know that I can make a pair of pants and know they will be perfect.  My second pair, which I made this afternoon in about an hour and never even tried them on until they were finished, were just perfect.
Jane Schmitt - Florida
Custom Design By Jane (Photo Gifts)
  • Hi Glenda - I ordered the SFD patterns after having seen them in an Australian Sewing Magazine ‘Dressmaking with Stitches’.
When they arrived I started with the Shirt pattern blueprint for my son (student, 20+ and very slim: waist size 32/neckline size 30)
It was quite easy to follow the instructions and the blueprint was finished 'before my coffee was cold'.
Wanting a quick test, I started with a jeans fabric from my huge stash and created the trial-jeans-jacket.
It was perfect in the proportions and my son wore it the whole time. It has custom-designed inside pockets with zipper for his 'electronic equipment', outside pockets for his hands.
After this success I dared to cut the Graffity-jeans fabric in the same style.
He is very happy with the results and so am I.
'A happy customer from Germany!'
  • Shirt Kit is great.
I used the shirt kit to make my favorite shirt of all time. The fit was great and it was so comfortable. I have long arms and the sleeves were the perfect length. Thanks so much Glenda!
M.J. – Australia
  • I enjoy the drafting of shirts for myself.
I drafted one shirt pattern many years ago & it still fits me many years later. So easy to draft menswear patterns with surefitdesigns Designing Stylus. Even women's wear (I drafted a skirt) has been done for one lady I met at a demo in a shop in Watsonia, Victoria. This lady was very pleased with the draft for her. I love to design, mostly menswear, but have drafted many womens & childrens patterns.
D.M. - WA, Australia
  • I finally have a great fitting pair of pants, thanks to the Sure-Fit Design system and the incredible assistance I received from Glenda. 
In my opinion, she is the star of the system!  My original draft was easy to develop, and certainly fit me better than any “straight from the envelope” pattern I’ve ever tried.  But my “great fit” is entirely the result of endless patience and guidance from Glenda, addressing my severely tilted waist, uneven hips and various other figure issues.  Over the course of about three weeks, we exchanged many emails working through all of the problems, and Glenda always answered every one of my questions, most of the time the next morning.  Her service is exemplary, and I highly encourage anyone with problems fitting pants to give Sure-Fit Designs a try!
K. K. - SewFittinglyYou - Victor, N.Y.
  • I sew for wedding parties and for individuals and I am having so much fun with the SFD (Sure-Fit Designs™). 
It is so easy to draft up a pattern, I don’t even bother about commercial patterns any more. I haven't yet tried to do a pair of pants, but I'm sure it will be just as easy as the dresses have been.
My clients are loving the perfect fit. I make almost NO alterations when they come in for their first fitting......very impressed.
S.M. - Qld. Aust
  • My sister and I spent an enjoyable day drafting patterns using the DVD. 
I found the demonstration instructions on the DVD extremely helpful. They took a great deal of the uncertainty around interpreting written instructions completely away.  And yes, we did stop and start when you suggested we should!
S.L. - Brisbane, Aust
  • I love the video and the Kits.
All my Pants shirts, etc are from my Kits, excellent fits. I do not wear any thing else but them.
My Kits are the very best, thing I have ever bought. I have been one happy customer for many years. I just love making my own clothes and  still get many comments.
So a very big, Thank you to you, Glenda.
G. A. - Tasmania, Australia
  • I can't believe how EASY "Sure-Fit Designs" is to use.  It is truly amazing.
I have made a pattern for a 6 gore skirt for a customer with 57” hips. And a pattern for a dress with a princess line bodice with an 'A 'line skirt with a diagonal chiffon overlay for a mother of the bride whose measurements are 51” bust, 46”  waist and 58”  hips.
  • I do a lot do sewing for plus sized ladies and some times struggle with commercial patterns to get a nice fit.
I have found so much confidence in using the Sure-Fit Designs, I am confident to say from now on it will play a huge part in my dressmaking.  I have been using the Sure-Fit Designs Kits for more years than I care to remember. I have been able to fit Bridal wear for Ladies from a size 6 (which is tiny in Australia) to very large ladies. I attended your first Presentations in Australia and have wondered why more people had not heard or knew about this wonderfull system of design. So glad you are back again! Best of Luck with to new Launch in Australia.
Kind Regards, Susan from OZ
  • Glenda’s attention to detail, either in class or away, is wonderful and so appreciated. 
This was so easy to accomplish and have a finished fitted pattern – it’s encouraging. I dug out of my stash a piece of fabric I have been saving for years.  I have always wanted to sew something special with it, but I was afraid to use it and make something that didn't fit.  I have never had a pattern fit together so well.  I didn't have to "fudge" any seams.  Everything went together so well, I never had to rip a seam.
It was so fun to sew a blouse that fit together so well, not to mention fit me.
T.J. - Medford, OR
  • Short or Tall - Different Body Shapes? 
I recently became acquainted with Sure-Fit Designs.  When I went to the website, I was DELIGHTED to find lots of free videos with a very nice lady demonstrating the fitting system....
The process to prepare my pattern was fun, but the best part is that thanks to this amazing system, the crotch turned out perfectly.  Not too low or high - just right.  I'm thrilled with the way the pants fit! 
J.B. – OK
  • My new and latest project...challenge, this one has been my biggest challenge.....making a leotard pattern for my daughter's gymnastics group!!!
I have the "dummy" one finished and with a little bit of tweaking it fits beautifully!
Your instructions are so easy to follow.  As soon as I get the costume complete I will send you a photo of it.  As always, I am loving the SFD system and use it all the time in my sewing; I am amazed how one simple pattern can make a multitude of garments.
S.M. - Qld. Aust.
  • I received my Sure-Fit Designs dress kit and love it – even measuring myself, came up with a well-fitting block in the first attempt.
Attached are some pics of my first “self-design” frock; I was after a sort of early 1940s British look, and it’s worked well. (Same can’t be said for quality of the pics I’m afraid.) Can’t wait to design some more!
Thanks very much for the great kit.
N.M. - Old. Australia
  • I have to confess - these are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn, just wonderful.
Thanks a lot for this wonderful pattern, Glenda.
M.W. – Germany
  • I made my test pants - they are great.
First time I have gotten a decent crotch in many, many tries with other methods.  I just need to remove width from the backs of the thighs - lots of excess fabric there due to my hip width (50").  But, that's an easy process...I think I know how to do that.
Thanks for your help!
  • My pants have always bagged in the crotch.  What a pleasure to have a pattern that finally fits!
The Sure-Fit Designs fitting system has made it easy for me to learn how to fit and sew pants.
It eliminated the guess work and frustration I previously had trying to make commercial patterns fit.
I especially like the way I can make different styles from one master pattern.
K.H. - Eugene, OR