Understanding Good Fit

Go from Poor Fit to Great Fit with Sure-Fit Designs.

Take the guesswork out of  pattern fitting!  No more agonizing over tissue-fitting commercial patterns with every new pattern.  When you measure accurately and use your personal measurements on the Sure-Fit Designs™ Master Patterns, the resulting pattern/garment will reflect your shape.
The Master Patterns are totally re-usable.  If your body changes shape or size, simply re-draw your updated 'body blueprint'.  Some of you will fit perfectly 'straight out-of-the-box'!  Others may need minor tune-ups.  If needed, I'm here to help.  See our Customer Service Commitment.
 Poor Fit
Some of these fitting issues might be challenges you contend with:
 Bad fitting clothes
Good Fit
Wouldn't you rather have patterns that fit?
Good Fitting Clothes

 What to look for in Good Fit!

Broad, square shoulders often result in armhole seams that are too narrow or not 'square' enough.  The Sure-Fit Designs bodice/shirt patterns solve this problem with your accurate measurement applied to the master pattern.


Large Bicep/Upper arm means sleeves bind uncomfortably in the upper arm area.  Sure-Fit Designs addresses this quickly and easily in the comprehensive instructions in each pattern kit.


Bust line - No matter the size of your bust, if the pattern has too little chest circumference or the dart is too small, 'bustline gaposis' can occur.  The Dress Kit Adjust-A-Bust template offers Bra/Dart sizes from A to E and solves this fit challenge.


Waist/High hip - If the pattern is not right, pants will bulge open at the zipper, pockets will gap and pleats will not lay flat.  Applying your accurate measurements to the Sure-Fit Designs Master Patterns solves these issues for good!


Crotch depth too short? - You'll get those dreaded 'smile lines'.  Learn the correct measuring technique in conjunction with the Master Pattern and your pants will 'smile' no more!

Common fitting challenges...the Sure-Fit Designs system addresses all fitting concerns quickly and easily through the application of your measurements on the Master Patterns.
  • Sway Back
  • Square/Sloped Shoulders
  • Heavy Thighs
  • Rounded Backs
  • Thick Waist
  • Long/Short Waist
  • Heart/Diamond/Straight-shaped Hips

....all can be totally gone for good!