Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center

Getting Started

If you're new to Sure-Fit Designs and specifically our Learning Center, you may be overwhelmed by all of the available information.  I've put together this page to help get you started with your Sure-Fit Designs™ Learning Center experience:

Grab a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite beverage, relax, and browse the Video Library. While you are scrolling through the index and viewing the videos, imagine yourself in the fashion style and outfit you’ve always wanted to design and create. Perhaps it’s a dress, or a skirt and jacket, or a perfect pair of pants. Choose the SFD fitting kit (Dress/Pants/Shirt etc.) and explore the corresponding videos. Each video you click on opens up within YouTube in a new window.

Sure-Fit Designs™ is a pattern fitting system. Many of the videos target drafting and fitting considerations.  But you will also find information and videos on sewing construction and designing as well.

Fitting Issues & Techniques

Sewing Skills & Techniques

Designing & Drawing Topics

SEARCH? To better help you search for your desired topic, use the Search Icon on the upper right corner of the Sure-Fit Designs website.  You'll see icons for Home, Search, Login etc.