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Since the inception of Sure-Fit Designs™ in 1982, we’ve believed that our customers are the single most important feature of our business.  Therefore we have established a goal that commits us to providing a level of service that is unprecedented and outrageous in today’s business world. To achieve that goal we must be attentive to your needs, quick to respond, and strive to achieve effective solutions.  In our efforts and commitment to meet our goal of outrageous customer service, we require your assistance.  
First, If you have purchased the Sure-Fit Designs kits from one of our international distributors, please contact your respective distributor.
By Email:
1. South  
2. UK/Ireland/EU -
4. Australia/NZ -
You can generally expect a response within 24 hours, if not sooner.  If you haven’t received a reply within that time, your email may have inadvertently been filed in the Spam folder.
For the USA, there are 3 ways to contact for support:
1. By Phone - 541-344-0422 – Pacific Standard Time.  Please be aware of the time zone differences when you call.  Office hours are generally 8 AM to 5 PM.
2. By Email – You can generally expect a response within 24 hours, if not sooner.  If you haven’t received a reply within that time, your email may have inadvertently been filed in the Spam folder.
3. By Skype – - Skype sessions do require a pre-arranged appointment generally set up via email. There will be a nominal fee of $20.00 for a 20-30 minute session of personalized instruction.
Second, please help me help you by providing the following:
1. Please watch this video first.  Evaluate all variables and that you have drawn, cut and sewn your pattern accurately. 
Then, if you still need help, provide:
2. A short, concise, clear description of the question or issue.
3. For test muslin fitting assistance, please provide photos of front, back and side views.  ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and I don’t want to second guess what you are trying to describe. 
Dress/Bodice Preparation:
4. For the Dress bodice/skirt muslin, make sure that the sleeves are set in (basted rather than permanently stitched and with a short sleeve is fine), that the neck has been clipped to the staystitching, and that it has been pinned closed up to your neckline.
SFD Dress Kit
5. Please make sure you’ve watched this dress bodice muslin sewing/testing tutorial so that you understand the basics of sewing a test muslin.
Pants Preparation:
6. For the Pants muslin test, follow the directions on page 11 of the Pants Kit Instruction Book.  That is, make sure that you’ve at least basted on the waistband.  If you don’t have the zipper inserted, make sure they are evenly pinned closed at the zipper opening.   Make sure that the creases in front and back legs are pressed and that the hem is turned up and at least pinned if not basted.
Shirt Preparation:
7. For the Shirt muslin test, make sure sleeves are stitched/basted in and that CF is pinned closed.  The neck edge has been clipped to the staystitching.  A collar is not required.
SFD Shirt Kit
As our customer base continues to grow, my time becomes even more valuable.  Many seamstresses don’t need any help at all, but when you do need assistance, I’m here to help.  I truly do want you to be happy with Sure-Fit Designs™ and I’m always willing to work with you.  Please simply provide the information that I have requested above so that I can be most effective in helping you.
Thank you for your valued business, comments, input and assistance.  
I wish you many hours of successful fitting and sewing!
Glenda...the Good Stitch!
Glenda the Good Stitch

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