Customer Service Commitment & Support

Learning to draft sewing patterns and fitting is challenging.  We are committed to your success.
Email your local distributor at the following email address.  Be prepared to send pictures of your project including the front, back and side views so we can help troubleshoot your concerns. 
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Many of your fitting and/or sewing questions may already be addressed in our extensive DVD course options, found on this page
The Article and Video Library at, and
Sure Fit Academy at   
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We now have both a Bodice Photo Guide and a Pants Photo Guide.
Please read this Bodice Photo Guide-CLICK HERE prior to sending photos.
Read/download this Pants Photo Guide - CLICK HERE prior to sending photos.
Watch this short video below for Bodice photo examples:
Watch this short video below for Pants photo examples:
Second, please help me help you by providing the following:
1. Please watch this video next.  Evaluate all variables and that you have drawn, cut and sewn your pattern accurately. 
Then, if you still need help, provide:
2. A short, concise, clear description of the question or issue.
3. For test muslin fitting assistance via email, please provide photos of front, back and side views.   Please click on this Photo Guide for sending photos to your distributor when you require fitting assistance.  It's very important that your photos are of good quality and in a format that makes it easier for us to evaluate, analyze your issue(s) and offer suggestions.
Dress/Bodice Preparation:
4. For the Dress bodice/skirt muslin, make sure that the sleeves are set in (basted rather than permanently stitched and with a short sleeve is fine), that the neck has been clipped to the staystitching, and that it has been pinned closed up to your neckline.
5. Please make sure you’ve watched this dress bodice muslin sewing/testing tutorial so that you understand the basics of sewing a test muslin.
Pants Preparation:
6. For the Pants muslin test, follow the directions on page 11 of the Pants Kit Instruction Book.  That is, make sure that you’ve at least basted on the waistband.  If you don’t have the zipper inserted, make sure they are evenly pinned closed at the zipper opening.   Make sure that the creases in front and back legs are pressed and that the hem is turned up and at least pinned if not basted. Please download this Pants Photo Guide and follow the directions prior to sending your photos to your distributor.
Shirt Preparation:
7. For the Shirt muslin test, make sure sleeves are stitched/basted in and that CF is pinned closed.  The neck edge has been clipped to the staystitching.  A collar is not required.