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Pants Fitting Course DVD

Pants Fitting Course DVD



Exciting Announcement:
This Introductory How-To DVD is now available in an online streaming video option.  Yes...that's right! For those of you who prefer to watch and follow along online or you don't have a convenient DVD player in your sewing space, most the Sure-Fit Designs DVDs now come with an online streaming option.
With each physical DVD purchase, you will also receive a 100% Discount Code so that you'll have the option to view the lessons online if you want.  This code will be provided to you in your follow-up thank you letter that I personally will send you.  Please watch your Inbox.
If you prefer to simply purchase just the streaming online video version, please go to our new online sewing academy - www.sewfitacademyonline.comYou'll be able to purchase and enroll for the course on this software platform.

14 Comprehensive Lessons
Fit & Sew Pants like a Pro!

For those of you who would love to attend a personal hands-on Sure-Fit Designs Pants fitting class but can't due to any number of reasons - family/work commitments, health, travel etc - we are now bringing this class to you.
Get the best pants fitting with Glenda and your Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants Kit:
  • Professional Pants fitting/sewing Instruction
  • 2-DVD set with 14 individual Lessons
  • Almost 3 hours of video content
  • Lots of close-ups
  • Extensive & valuable information
  • Easy to follow - Easy to understand
  • Complete step-by-step sewing construction details demonstrated
  • 36 precise Pro-Tips on Fitting & Sewing
  • 30-min. Skype session included to evaluate your personal fit results.
  • Filmed in HD for detailed clarity
  • Sew like a Pro and love the finished results

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Pants Fitting Course DVD Tutorial
14 Lessons include:
1: Introduction & Pants Pattern Overview
2: Measuring your body accurately
3: Drawing Pants Back from the SFD Master Pattern
4: Drawing Pants Front from the SFD Master Pattern
5: Checking the pattern & Adding Seam Allowances
6: Drawing the Waistband
7: Fabric Choice - Layout & Cutting
8: Stitching/basting - Darts & Side/Inseams
9: Stitching/basting the Crotch Curve
10: Initial Try-on
11: Refining the Fit -Staystitching - Transferring Tune-Ups to Personal Pattern
12: Zipper Application - Lapped & Center
13: Waistband Application
14: Final Try-on - Your Skype Session - Closing Comments
Watch the video below for DVD content highlights:

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