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Men's Pants Instructional Package

Men's Pants Instructional Package

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Men's Pants Instructional Package

Used in conjunction with the Pants Kit the Sure-Fit Designs™ the Men's Pants Instructional Package guides you to create custom fit patterns to reflect the curves and contours of a man's body shape. 

ladies Pants Kit + Men's Pants Instruction Package

Men's Instructional Package Includes:

  • Instruction Book and techniques to achieve a personalized custom pants pattern
  • Fashion Leaflet directions for Men's Jeans and Men's Pull on Trousers

How to use this product:
With hip sizes ranging from 28" to 62" (71 -157.5 cm), it will accommodate all types of shapes. 

 What can be sewn from these instructions?

Designer Jeans, formal/dress pants, shorts, slim leg trousers and jogging pants are all possible and all reflect a man's unique body shape.  Also included are instructions on adding pleats, cuffs and pockets.

Not included with the Men's Pants Instructional Package

  • Pants Kit
  • The Stylus is a critical accessory for drawing the patterns for Men's Pants is sold separately or as part of a bundle. Tracing vellum can also be purchased separately or as a bundle.

Designing Stylus

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