International Ordering from Sure-Fit Designs

International Online or Phone Orders:

We welcome international orders from all destinations.

Currently, we have Sure-Fit Designs distributors in South Africa, the UK & Ireland and Canada.  Save time and save your local representative.

For Australia/NZ - click here -
Contact: Martha Schuster - 0402 342 099 or email:
Martha & Robert Schuster Robert & Martha Schuster
For Canada - click here -
Contact: Anna Espindola - 403-701-0801 or email:
  Anna Espindola
For the United Kingdom - Great Britain & Ireland -
For all Scandinavian & European Union countries -

        Contact: Judith Johnson - 07968 486337 or email:
Judith Johnson
For South Africa - click here -
Contact: Elsabe Hurn - 011 453 3117 or email:
Elsabe Hurn
For all other International Orders:
All other international orders are to be placed on this website and all prices quoted are in US$.  The final amount will be converted to your currency at the time of bank processing.  All currency exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis.  To determine the approximate $ amount in your currency, do a Google search on exchange rates.
Ordering Steps:
  •     Click the Add to Cart button for the items or Combo package you desire.
  •     Then when you are in the Shopping Cart, use the drop-down window to select your country (Ship to Country), then enter your Postal Code and click Update Cart.  The necessary S&H will be added automatically.
  •    Proceed to Checkout with PayPal or other major Credit Card.  You do NOT need to have a PayPal account.  You may pay with any of the major credit cards listed above.
  •    International Duty/Taxes: Depending on where you reside, your country may charge import duty/taxes on sewing goods/materials.  If your government charges duty/taxes, the amount will no doubt vary from country to country.  Please be aware that upon delivery, your package may be assessed import fees.  Sure-Fit Designs/Ranita Corporation waives any knowledge or responsibility as to the dollar amounts of these duty/taxes that may be imposed by your country.
If you have questions, please email -
1.  International Orders by Phone:  If you wish to place your order by phone, please be aware of the time zone considerations when calling from your country.  Sure-Fit Designs is located in Eugene, Oregon - which is in the Pacific Time zone of the USA.
Call: 541-344-0422
2. International Shipping & Handling Fees
In order to keep your shipping costs to a minimum, some orders are shipped via First Class International mail (the least expensive method but does NOT have tracking).  However, there is a size and weight restriction on packages that can be sent via First Class International.  As the box becomes bigger and heavier, the next mailing option is Priority Mail.  Priority Mail costs more and requires a 'long form Customs Declaration'.  The Customs Declaration number is trackable, whereas the First Class option is not trackable.  If you wish to have extra mailing security and tracking added to your order, please let me know and a rate will be quoted. Email Glenda.
Please be aware that once your order is in the hands of the carrier (meaning United States Postal Service and when it reaches your country's mail delivery service) - the responsibility passes from Sure-Fit Designs to the carrier.
Order Processing, & estimated Delivery time
Most orders are typically processed on Mondays and Thursdays of any given week with the exception being Federal holidays that fall on Monday or Thursday.
For international orders, delivery is usually between 10 - 20 days depending on your country and how quickly  your Customs office processes the package.  Sometimes orders are held up in Customs for clearance.  There is nothing we at Sure-Fit Designs can do about this.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.  Once SFD has packaged and transferred the order to the carrier (USPS) and then into the hands of your local carrier, SFD is not responsible for what happens on your end.  Inaccurate delivery address information (given by you) or if the package is lost, stolen or delivered to the wrong address, this is ultimately the responsibility of the local carrier.

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