International Ordering from Sure-Fit Designs

We are excited to offer our products to customers all around the world!  Whether you are located in Canada, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, we have distributors in these regions to serve you better.  

Ordering from your local representative not only saves you time, but also saves you money.  By purchasing from a distributor in your country, you can avoid international shipping fees and any potential import duties and taxes.   

Sure-Fit Designs Canada 

Australia/NZ -
Contact: Martha Schuster - 0402 342 099 
Martha & Robert Schuster Robert & Martha Schuster
United Kingdom - Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavian, and European Union countries -
Contact: Judith Johnson - 07968 486337
Judith Johnson
For South Africa - click here -
Contact: Elsabe Hurn - 011 453 3117 
Elsabe Hurn
All other international orders are to be placed on the USA website ( The prices will be converted into your country's currency.  

International Duty/Taxes: Your country may charge import duty/taxes on sewing goods/materials. Your package may be assessed import fees upon delivery. Ranita Corporation waives any responsibility for these charges.
International Shipping & Handling Fees
Maximize Savings on Shipping Costs with First Class International Mail.
Responsibility shifts to carrier (USPS and local mail service) once order shipped.
Order Processing and Estimated Delivery Time
Most orders are typically processed on within 1-2 days that the order is placed. 
 If you have questions, please email -