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This page is the main category Index for General Information/Interest free, educational videos offered by Sure-Fit Designs™.  Choose the video you want to view, then click on its hyperlink.  It will take you to the YouTube video which will open in a new window.

General Information/Interest Videos below (GI)

Essential Tools for use with all SFD Pattern Kits

                 GI.10.1 Designing Stylus - Adding Seam Allowance to Sewing Patterns

                 GI.10.2 Designing Stylus - How to clean off the graphite smudges

                 GI.10.3  Designing Stylus - Finessing the Curves for the Full Figure 

Dress Kit Dart & Adjust-A-Bust Info

  • GI.14 Adjust-A-Bust Template - how to use it and it's subtleties

                 GI.14.1 The Adjust-A-Bust Template - found in the Dress Kit - What it's for and how to use it.

                 GI.14.2 Adjust-A-Bust Template - how to make it smaller or larger

                 GI.14.3 Adjust-A-Bust Flexibility for all dart shapes

                 GI.14.4 'Perfecting' (truing) the Bust Dart Extension Point

Pattern Testing & other Related Information

Other Helpful Information

 New Series: What I Didn't Know...But Wish I Had!