Essential Tools Videos

Essential Tools Videos

ET.1 the Line Drafter v2.0 - the most functional essential tool for drawing and cutting straight lines - with permanently attached handle – Click Here

ET.2a Designing Stylus – What it is and how to use it.  – Click Here

ET.2b Clear Designing Stylus – See-through Stylus now Available.  – Click Here

GI.12 Designing Stylus - Finessing the Curves for Full Figures – Click Here

ET.3 Designing Stylus – Adding Seam Allowance to Sewing Patterns – how easy it is and what to watch for and be aware of – Click Here

ET.4 Designing Stylus – See a ‘magical’ way to clean the graphite smudges off of your Designing Stylus.  It truly is quick and easy. – Click Here

ET.5 Designer's Companion - What it is and how to use it. – Click Here

ET.6 Tracing Vellum - The benefits of using Tracing Vellum as a tracing medium – Click Here

ET.7 Got (the right) Tape? Removable Tape is a must for pattern drafting. – Click Here

ET.8 Curved T-Square - Draw perfect 90 degree angles every time, both in Imperial and Metric measures. – Click Here

ET.9 Narrow Seam Buddy - Add 3/8" (1cm) & 1/2" (1.3cm) seam allowances quickly, easily, accurately.  Great for knits Click Here