Video Tutorials: Button Extensions & Facings

Video Tutorials: Button Extensions & Facings

Recently I was asked that by a beginner seamstress 'What's a facing'?  When I ask my husband a question and he looks at me as if I'm from outer space...I say to him, "I wouldn't have asked the question if I knew the answer"!  We all have to start somewhere.

There are 2 types of facings - sewn on and turn-back facings. A facing is either separate piece of fabric or an extension of the fabric that is used to finish and enclose a raw edge   The shape of the facing is a repetition of the area to be faced.  The videos below will help to make this all more understandable.

Here are 3 video tutorials.  Two of them have to deal with drawing facings, but the first one you'll see is on how to add a button extension.  In essence, a button extension, when it is turned back into the inside could also be considered a facing treatment for the area of the garment where you want the buttons - whether that be the front, back or side seam of a garment.

So here you go.  Part 1 - Adding a Button Extension

Part 2 - Adding and drawing facings (in general)

Part 3 - How to draw a V-Neck Facing

 I hope you find these helpful.  If you're new to Sure-Fit Designs, you'll find more instructional tutorials in the Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center Video Library.

Happy fitting & sewing!

Sure-Fit Designs Glenda the Good Stitch

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