Vest Success!

Vest Success!

I always love it when you ladies send me photos of your finished projects.  Most of the time, I help you with your fitting muslins, and then never see the finished fashion garments you sew.

Marlene, (Wovenflame), is a relatively new customer, who I've recently helped achieve an excellent bodice fit.  She went immediately on to a finished garment and has just sent me photos of her first project.  Needless to say, her fleece-lined vest fits beautifully.

Vest Front Side View

Here's a series of photos with comments from both me and Marlene so that you can see what she did.

Vest Front View

The vest front is fitted with this lovely princess line.  Since the photo is a little dark, I used Photoshop to show you exactly where this design line is.

Vest Back Full View

Her muslin needed a back shoulder dart to accommodate for her rounded shoulders.  Since she didn't want the dart in the vest, Marlene designed the back yoke and incorporated the dart into the yoke shaping.  Again, see my 'white' lines.  This was an excellent option to give shaping where needed, but not use the standard dart.

Vest Side Back Angle View

Vest Side View

These two show the back princess line going into the armscye.  I know you can't really see it on Marlene, but there is no side seam - it wraps from front around to the back.  The instructions tell you how to do this.  Marlene also says she added 2" extra in length so that the vest would hang just past the fullest part of her hips.

And even though you can't see it up close, she's trimmed it all with hand-made black bias binding.

Didn't she do an excellent job?  If you'd like to read Marlene's blog comments about her experiences, please click here.

And if you're interested in obtaining this relatively new downloadable Fashion Leaflet - the Reversible Vest, you can click here.  In case you don't remember, this is what my version looks like.

Reversible Vest

Marlene, thanks so much for sharing your accomplishments with all of us.
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