'V' Shoulder point...No No No! How to fix your pattern by Sure-Fit Designs™

Glenda Sparling

Posted on November 01 2021

Is this your body shape?  Do you have narrow shoulder going into a full bust?  If so, you may have ended up with a 'V' shape as you've drawn the armscye at the shoulder line as you've transition toward your fuller bust circumference.  This video shows you the issue, how to recognize it and how to solve the nagging 'V'.

Happy Sewing & Fitting!

Glenda the Good Stitch

Sure-Fit Designs Glenda the Good Stitch


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  • Barbara L.: November 08, 2021

    Just what I have been looking for for years.
    If the bottom of the arm hole is to low I guess I can make front and back shorter also.
    Now with your adjustment I do have another question. With angling the armhole to make a very narrow shoulder what would I need to do with the sleeve? My mind tells me something needs to be done or the sleeve will come off at an incorrect angle? Would I need to increase the sleeve cap? WOW I am so excited I got this far. Barbara

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