The Wrap Belt - a 'Made in a Day' project

The Wrap Belt - a 'Made in a Day' project

If you're looking for a unique and interesting belt accessory, there's no need to go further.  This wrap belt, which is closed with Velcro®strips  is fun and easy to design and can definitely be sewn in a day.  It's truly a 'Made in a Day' project.

It's a great accessory for a one-piece style of chemise dress when you want to dress it up with a unique belt.  It also looks great with this blouse and skirt combination.

In case you're interested, both the skirt and blouse are downloadable Fashion Leaflets.  The skirt is the Pencil Skirt. The blouse is the Princess Line Blouse.  Both are drawn from the SFD Dress Kit  and can be found on this page - Digital E-Goods.

Check out your fabric stash and see what's suitable.  I used Dupioni Silk for the blue belt and a sequined knit for the black sample.


Happy Sewing!

Glenda the Good Stitch

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