The Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center - new 'home' announcement

Glenda Sparling

Posted on March 14 2022

The Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center, which so many of you know, love and use regularly, now has been updated and lives in a new home.  Many customers say our Learning Center is their 'go-to wikipedia' when searching for information and answers.  You'll now find the Learning Center is housed within the main USA website -  Just go to the upper level navigation and look for the 3rd major item - the SFD Learning Center.  The drop down will give you direct links to the Video Library and the Article Library.  All your favorite videos are still here.  In addition, we added all the new YouTube videos produced recently.  Make sure you watch this short video showing you were to find your favorite references. 

Your old bookmarks will need to be deleted as the underlying software platform has changed.  But don't worry, your favorite videos and information is still there.


Happy Learning!

Glenda the Good Stitch

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