Sheer Experience Revisited

Sheer Experience Revisited

Back in September 2012, I blogged about my experiences of sewing with a sheer fabric.  If you want to check out what I said then, click here.

Now I'd like to share with you my recent 'Sheer Experience'.  The same details from the first article still apply, but this time I DIDN'T LINE THE DICKENS OUT OF IT!
I needed a new ‘something’ to go over top of a sleeveless tank top. (I next to NEVER wear anything sleeveless for numerous vain reasons). And my girl friend had sent me bundles of this red, black and white floral sheer. Sheers are the other thing I’d likely not buy or wear comfortably. But here it was (the gift of a netting type of sheer fabric) and I’d just completed the black slinky tank top as a style example for the hands-on bodice fitting classes. Kelly, my office assistant, took one look at the sheer and suggested I sew the diagonal hem cardigan to go over it.  This is actually Style #4 in Beyond Bodice Basics, and I added sleeves to the design. What a perfect suggestion!


Here are the finished garments:


 This is the 'Slinky Tank Top'.


Diagonal Hemmed Cardigan

Front View – Diagonal Hemmed Cardigan in the floral sheer



Back View - Diagonal Hemmed Cardigan



¾ Length Sleeve with 4” of shirring in the center of the sleeve


Close-up of the shawl style of collar


Close-up of the sheer floral pattern.  Notice the 'white wall' through the fabric.  It takes on a totally different appearance with white behind it rather than the black slinky tank top.


Hemming was easy! Since this sheer net fabric wouldn’t ravel or fray, I left the cut hem edges untreated. This again is something I wouldn’t generally think of doing, but numerous tests including clean finishing, zigzagged edge, serged edge and the rolled edge all proved unsuitable for this sheer netting that had many diagonal edges. All of these techniques simply pulled the edge out of shape. Thank goodness my friend sent lots of yardage – I needed it for these tests.

Here’s what Style #4 from Beyond Bodice Basics looks like minus the sleeves. Fabric choice sure makes an impact as we all know.

Diagonal-Hem-Cardigan---no-sleevesBeyond Bodice Basics

Happy Sewing!

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Glenda the Good Stitch

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Glenda, where do I find this please? It is just beautiful!
Many thanks,

Maura O'Reilly

My fabric store has a variety of sheer lace prints. I’ve been tempted but haven’t bought any yet. You have given me inspiration. I don’t like to show my arms or wear anything sheer to.

Eleanor Guillette

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