Sewing the Waist Button Tab

Sewing the Waist Button Tab

Remember the canary yellow pants?
The designing instructions are found in the designing book Pants that Mix n Multiply 
In this blog I'm going to discuss the details about how to sew and apply the waist closure tab (In the book, I've called it the Buttonhole Extension Piece).

First of all, the left side is closed using an invisible zipper.  (Sure-Fit Designs offers great, easy instructions for applying an invisible zipper in the 4-DVD tutorial set called Make it Sew 
Here you'll find my video instructions for enclosing the bottom of the zipper tape so that you don't get scratched.

Then, you add 1" (2.5cm) wide elastic at the waist edge.  Zigzag it in place thereby attaching it to the top edge of the pants.

Then start constructing the Waist Button Tab (the Buttonhole Extension Piece).
The instruction book tells you to cut the tab shape 3" long by 1" wide.  Cut 2.  Make sure to interface one side for stability but also to stabilize for the buttonhole application.  Sew right sides together.  Trim and grade the seam allowance.  Then for smoothest results when turning right side out, make sure to notch the curved portion of the allowance as shown above.  Here's a close-up of the curve.

Now, turn the tab right sides out.

Press.  Then stitch the buttonhole at the curved end of the tab.

Place on the inside of the waist edge.  Turn the elastic over to enclose the cut end of the tab.
Stitch to secure.

And ta da!...the right side view.

Just add the button on the inside of the opposite side of the waist edge to finish.  This is really a great, easy and neat finish for the waist edge.


Happy Sewing!

Glenda the Good Stitch

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