Pattern Storage Dilemma?

Pattern Storage Dilemma?

How do I store my vellum patterns?

I've had this questions asked of me numerous times, and I've seen others discussing this issue in the Stitcher's Guild SFD Forum.  So let's take a look at what your various options are.

Depending on your storage space in your closet or sewing room you may want to implement one of the following.

Folded in Envelopes
You can always fold the vellum patterns.  Only make enough folds to put the pattern into either a manila envelop or plastic bag.  If it's a manila envelop, the 9.5" x 12.5"  size works well.  Make sure you label the envelop, tape a swatch of fabric to the outside, and if you have a photo of (yourself) in the finished garment, print one out and tape it on too.  Or, if using a plastic see-though bag, the 1 quart size work really well.  Pin a swatch of fabric to the pattern and of course, label the pattern with a date drawn.  This way, it's quick and easy to identify what you designed, what fabric you used and when you sewed it.  Then just stack the patterns in a box.  To re-use this folded pattern, you can always gently press the vellum with a low heat - DRY iron.  Press just on the crease and only enough to flatten.

Rolled on a cardboard tube
Or...Save the internal tube from your tracing vellum rolls.  I particularly like the 18" wide tube from the 50 yd vellum.  It seems to be just the right length for many pattern shapes.  Of course, the tube from the 24" long vellum is excellent for larger sized pattern pieces like wide sleeve patterns.  Then roll the pattern pieces around the tube, tape or pin a swatch of fabric to the pattern, label what the pattern is and when you drew it...then put a rubber band around it.  Makes good creases to deal with when you go to re-use the pattern.

Toilet Paper Tube
A customer suggested this alternative.  She used empty toilet paper rolls - rolled the pattern pieces quite tight, stuffed them inside the toilet paper tube, then let the pattern roll expand till it fills the tube.  Clever!  Of course, label the tube and pin or tape a fabric swatch to the roll for easy identification.

Just simply rolled & rubber-banded

And last, but certainly not least, as I'm sure you can come up with other options, just simply roll the pattern, label, swatch it, and put a rubber band around it.  There's nothing supporting the roll, but if you gently stack these in one of those clear plastic storage bins, they shouldn't get crushed and will be easy to unroll and use the next time you want that particular pattern.

My favorite is rolled on a hard cardboard tube.  Please share your favorite storage system in the Comments box.  I know others would like to know what you do too..

Happy Sewing and Organizing!

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