Oh My Muffin Top!

Oh My Muffin Top!

Got a muffin top? And not the kind you eat.  How best to deal with the SFD Dress Kit bodice waist-fitting dart and how to choose style most appropriate for your shape...that's the focus of this blog and video tutorial.

What's a muffin top?  It's that little bit of extra fluff that you might have above your waistline.  Perhaps best shown in this illustration.

Sure-Fit Designs Muffin Top


So what do you do with the waist-fitting darts when they initially taper down into a narrower waist?
This video will give you suggestions for a couple of alternatives when drawing and sewing the 'dart' for your test bodice.

And after you've finished your test bodice, you'll see 10 tips for actually dressing this body shape and styles that the experts say are most appropriate.  Of course choosing styles that skim your body and don't shape in completely at your waist are likely going to be best.

Here are some ready to wear design ideas.

Sure-Fit Designs Style Ideas

And here are some of the style options that you can find with Sure-Fit Designs in our Digital E-Goods department.

Sure-Fit Designs Downloadable Fashion Leaflets


Sure-Fit Designs Glenda the Good Stitch


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