Fun & Easy Color Blocked T-Shirt

Fun & Easy Color Blocked T-Shirt

Color blocking is super simple and easy to design into your sewing patterns.  Of course, you all likely know that color blocking is definitely back in fashion.  But do you know where it all began?

It all dates back to a Dutch artist - Pieter Cornelis Mondrian (1872-1944) - nicknamed 'Piet'.  He was one of the principal members of the Neoplasticism art movement.  In 1919 he began producing grid-based paintings for which he became renowned for the rectangular shapes, solid black lines and random placement of primary colors.


In the 1960's, Yves St. Laurent popularized his 'Mondrian' dresses using Piet as his inspiration.


Color blocking has become popular again and of course, you can do this with your SFD patterns.  Creating areas to color block on your patterns is creative and easy to do.  Just start off with Sally Silhouette as your croquis and experiment with where you'd like to draw your style lines for color blocking.

If you don't yet have your copy of Sally Silhouette, you can download her from the Free Stuff page on our web site.  Click Here.

If you would like to make the Color Blocked T-Shirt shown in this blog post, click this link and download the digital fashion leaflet instructions 
Have fun and don't forget to send photos when you get yours done!  I would love to put together a T-Shirt collage and show off all your work.  Send to or post in our Facebook group.

Happy Color Blocking!

Glenda...the Good Stitch!

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