All my patterns...

All my patterns...

During my Fit & Sew Retreats, we often discussed how and where to store all your SFD patterns that you end up drawing.  Over a year ago, I did write a blog on this very topic, but since we have a number of new members, it's a good idea to share this information once again.

From one of my recent Retreat attendees, this suggestion was offered.  Barbara (from Utah) sent this idea and these photos.  First, get a couple packages of Velcro cord ties and Key Tag labels.

And you'll need on over-the-door fabric stabilizer organizer - which she thinks she purchased from Nancy's Notions.

Each pocket holds a different group, ie. personal body blueprint, bodice patterns, pants patterns, shirt patterns.  Just roll your patterns, use the colorful Velcro ties with a key tag (write on the tag what the pattern is) and into its home over the door it goes.  Since this organizer bag is designed for storing stabilizer, it's wide enough for the widest roll of SFD 24" wide tracing vellum.

This is a great idea if you don't have shelf space for your patterns.  And the tags make it easy to read what each pattern is.  The vellum doesn't get creased - your patterns are easy to grab and re-use.  Personally, I'd likely also roll the patterns on an empty paper towel tube - just to make sure there are no unnecessary folds or creases.

Barbara...thanks so much for sharing!

If you have other techniques for pattern storage, please comment and or send a photo.

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