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This page is the main category Index for Dress Videos: General Info educational videos offered by Sure-Fit Designs™.  Once you peruse the list and chose the video you would like to view, simply click on its hyperlink. It will take you to the YouTube video which will open in a new window.

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Dress Kit Videos: General Info

          D.7.a Pt. 1 Drawing Dress Kit Bodice - CF, Neck Curve & Shoulder

          D.7.b Pt. 2 Drawing Dress Kit Bodice - Armscye & Dart

          D.7.c Pt. 3 Drawing Dress Kit Bodice - Waist level & Waist Dart

          D.7.d Drawing the Sleeve Cap on the Dress Kit Bodice Pattern

          D.7.e Drawing the Sleeveless Armhole

D.8.a Pt. 1-Fabric Choice/Layout/Cutting

D.8.b Pt. 2-How to Sew and Press Darts

D.8.c Pt. 3-Sewing Shoulder & Side Seams

D.8.d Pt. 4-How to Set in the Sleeve

D.8.e Pt. 5-Staystitching/Pressing/Fit Evaluation