Darts: Versatile & Amazing DVD

Darts: Versatile & Amazing DVD



Exciting Announcement:
This Introductory How-To DVD is now available in an online streaming video option.  Yes...that's right! For those of you who prefer to watch and follow along online or you don't have a convenient DVD player in your sewing space, most the Sure-Fit Designs DVDs now come with an online streaming option.
With each physical DVD purchase, you will also receive a 100% Discount Code so that you'll have the option to view the lessons online if you want.  This code will be provided to you in your follow-up thank you letter that I personally will send you.  Please watch your Inbox.
If you prefer to simply purchase just the streaming online video version, please go to our new online sewing academy - www.sewfitacademyonline.comYou'll be able to purchase and enroll for the course on this software platform.
Darts: Versatile & Amazing!
6 Comprehensive Chapters

Have you ever looked at a garment and wondered how they got the darts into that unique position?  This video course is going to answer many of the questions you may have regarding the stunning array of dart positions and design possibilities.
Have fun with darts and your Sure-Fit Designs™ Dress Kit bodice pattern:
  • Discover dart positions that achieve stunning fashion looks
  • Detailed how-to instruction
  • 6 individual video chapters
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • Lots of close-ups
  • Extensive & valuable information
  • Easy to follow - Easy to understand
  • Follow the step-by-step designing process to create unusual finished dart positions.
  • Filmed in HD for detailed clarity
  • Fit & sew successfully with Sure-Fit Designs and love the finished results
Darts Versatile & Amazing
6 Chapters include:
1: Introduction, History & Terminology
2: Designing triple, parallel shoulder pleats
3: Neckline graduated and radiating darts
4: Center front angled and parallel darts
5: Asymmetrical, curved darts
6: Close & resources
(Also, please note: this course is a separate DVD item.  To accomplish the lessons, you will need to have the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit, Designing Stylus and Tracing Vellum.)
Sure-Fit Designs Darts DVD
Watch this short overview video explaining the contents of the Darts DVD:

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