$0.99 Sale Copy Cat R-T-W Tunic

$0.99 Sale Copy Cat R-T-W Tunic

$0.99 $3.99


Copy Cat:
R-T-W Tunic

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We all know that saving time & money are two great reasons to sew for yourself.  But when you add personal fit to the equation you come out even further ahead.  As an example let's look at this fashionable tunic.  This ready-to-wear garment can be found online at prices ranging from $275. - $495. Then you must consider the fit.  So...let's just copy the design using the Sure-Fit Designs Dress or Shirt pattern - save both time & money and achieve a great fit.
Sure-Fit Designs Copy Cat R-T-W Tunic
Wear with your Sure-Fit Designs leggings, jeans or casual pants...and the combination will fit and look great!

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