Skype/Facetime with Glenda the Good Stitch

Skype or Facetime with Glenda the Good Stitch

Fitting issues?  Sewing questions?  Need help?  Book a Skype or Facetime session with Glenda the Good Stitch.

It is our goal at Sure-Fit Designs™ to provide our customers with fast and effective customer support.  That commitment includes responding to phone calls or emails generally within a 24 hour turn-around period, when possible.

These services are provided as a “courtesy” to our customers on a best efforts and on a no-cost basis for the first 3 emails requests - whether for fitting or sewing related questions.  After this, you are welcome to book a Teams/Skype or Facetime meeting with Glenda the Good Stitch.

You choose the fitting or sewing topic! We choose a mutually acceptable time and date.


Date: We'll choose a time and date that works for both our schedules

Duration: Choose either 20-30 or 45-60 minute consultation

Location: Your office

Cost: $25.00 for 20 - 30 minutes
          $50.00 for 45 - 60 minutes

Book Here: Fitting Consultation

Simply call Glenda at 541-515-8882 to arrange your consultation time or email if that's your preference:




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