Certified Sure-Fit Designs Teachers (USA Only)

You've been asking for Sure-Fit Designs (SFD) teachers in your area (USA only).  It's finally happening in 2020. Watch this page for announcements...soon, there may be a SFD teacher in your area.

Are you interested in becoming one of the Sure-Fit Designs Certified Teachers (USA only)?

And do you meet the minimum considerations?

1. Do you have the SFD kits/fitting system?  Have you used the master patterns?  If not, are you willing to put time into acquiring and using the Dress and Pants Kit prior to training? 

2. Do you currently own a sewing related business or do you currently teach...or have you taught sewing classes?

3. Would you love to introduce pattern fitting with the Sure-Fit Designs system into your mix of class offerings?

As an independent business owner, you would attend a 3-day intensive teacher training certification program with Glenda the Good Stitch, with an option for a 4th day - a Pre-function day to focus on the SFD patterns.  Benefits for you are extensive including affiliation with our well-established company of 38 years, highly respected worldwide.  Align your business goals with a successful, international pattern fitting & sewing company.


**Protected marketing territory
**Wholesale purchasing
**Ability to re-sell SFD product to your students
**Affiliate sales program included
**Ability to offer a 'tried & true' pattern fitting system that results in customer satisfaction
**Training manual that includes instant 'class structure' outlines
**Advertising and promotions marketing advice & assistance.
**3-Day Business Training with additional 1-day Pre-function Pattern Day available (Boise (area) ID)

**To be mutually discussed and agreed.

**Please contact for details

If you're passionate about sewing and achieving a great pattern fit and want to share your knowledge with others, let's talk...contact Glenda directly at (541) 344-0422 or info@surefitdesigns.com.


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