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SFD Sewing & Design Sew and Tell 2019 Info

We are SEW excited
to announce the SFD Sew and Tell 2019 program/planner.
Our hope is to inspire you to do more designing and sewing with Sure-Fit Designs.


Sure-Fit Designs Sewing & Design Sew and Tell 2019 is a year-long event to encourage designing and construction of garments using your Sure-Fit-Designs (SFD) system of fitting, designing, and sewing. Your personal “body blueprint” is your ticket to designing any style of clothing that can be assured will fit you.

Sure-Fit Designs invites you to participate, join the group and set sewing project goals now and work toward achieving those goals throughout 2019.

Here's a small sample of the 2018 projects...well done ladies!

WIN Monthly Prizes
For those of you who join, as an added incentive, Sure-Fit Designs will have random drawings for various prizes throughout 2019.  Winners will be announced via the SFD Newsletter, the SFD Blog, Facebook, Instagram &/or Pinterest.


This is not a 'talent' contest or competition.  We are not judging sewing techniques or skills.  This Sew and Tell Planner and participation is intended to promote and encourage the joy of sewing and to celebrate our community of amazing SFD customers and sewists.  Whether you're new to sewing and/or to Sure-Fit Designs or have been sewing with Sure-Fit Designs for a number of years, we sincerely encourage you to participate and join the SFD Sew and Tell 2019.  It will be a fun, supportive time for all.

  1. Design and construct a garment using the SFD fitting and sewing system. You can use any of the 5 SFD designing kits (i.e., Dress Kit, Unisex Shirt Kit, Pants Kit, Men’s Pants Instructional Package, or the Children’s Kit).
  2. Take a photo of the garment on the intended wearer (not on a mannequin, dress form, hanger, etc.).
  3. Post your finished garment photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Include the following information in the post description:
    • Hashtag #sewandtell2019 (no spaces - no caps - no hypens)
      along with your unique ID#
    • SFD Design Kit(s) Used
    • Optionally, you can include a description of important design details and/or your design process.
  4. If you prefer not to post your project photo to social media, you can email the photo along with the information above to
  5. If you win a prize, you must agree to allow Sure-Fit Designs to use your project photo in promotional material, including but not limited to the SFD web sites, social media, print materials, etc.
  6. IMPORTANT: Post up to 2 photos per project only; if possible please create a single photo collage of the various views you want to show for your garment.
  7. Everyone can download and use the Sew and Tell Project Planner, however to help us know who is participating and for you to be eligible for prizes, please complete the form below.  You must include your full name and email address to allow us to contact you if you are drawn for a prize.  We will assign you a new and anonymous SFD 2019 Sew and Tell ID# to use when posting your garment photos.



 Your FREE Gift

The Sew and Tell 2019 Project Planner - a downloadable file - CLICK HERE
Use the Planner as an aid to:

  • set goals for your sewing projects throughout the year (you don't have to share your goals)
  • plan your sewing projects
  • organize necessary supplies & equipment
  • track your progress on each project throughout the year
  • for recommendations on how to use the Planner - see below

Sew and Tell 2019 Planner Cover

Recommendations for Using the Planner

1.Download and Print Planner:
The Sure-Fit Designs Sew and Tell 2019 Sewing & Design Planner is set up for 12 projects; however, you can print additional copies of pages 4 and 5 if your goals include more than 12 projects in 2019. The Planner is also set up to be printed 2-sided, but you can print it 1-sided if you prefer. If you plan to attach swatches on the Project pages, we recommend printing the Planner on non-glossy cardstock to make it more durable and yet still allow you to easily write on the pages. The Planner can be spiral bound, or it can be hole-punched and the pages put in a binder.

Even though this Planner has been set up for 12 projects, you can do as few or as many as you want...we just want you sewing and having some fun!

2.Set Goals:
Think about what you want to accomplish in 2019 related to designing and sewing using your SFD body blueprint, and fill out the This Year’s Goals page. Set goals that are a stretch for you, yet that are achievable. This page will be your guide throughout 2019 for creating new garments that fit, improving your existing skills, learning new skills, and taking on new challenges.

3.Plan Projects:
Plan your first project using the Project and Design Sketch pages. Document everything you need to complete your first garment(s) of the year. Remember to check out the Resources page for all of the design and sewing aids (i.e., design kits, designing books, and instructional DVDs), tutorials (i.e., articles and videos ), and pre-designed garments offered by Sure-Fit Designs. Go shopping if you need to, and get started on that first project! Plan subsequent projects as you feel inspired.
Need design inspiration? This can be anything that gets your creative juices flowing: examples include browsing ready-to-wear, photos in magazines or on the Internet, commercial patterns, etc.
Be inspired! Get designing! Get sewing!

At the end of the year, think about what you accomplished in 2019. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t achieve all of your goals; rather, think of these things as areas for improvement for next year. Fill out The Year in Review page with your accomplishments, areas for improvement, and new skills learned. Lastly, think about your favorite project(s) and why it was your favorite; this will become part of your inspiration for next year’s goals.


SFD Sew and Tell Project Planner Credit & Acknowledgement
This entire project was developed and designed by one of our very own Sure-Fit Designs customers who loves to be organized and work toward her personal goals.
Credit goes entirely to D'Ann Artis who refers to her creative endeavors as D’Ann Denée D’Signs.
If you would like to take the time to personally thank D'Ann, you can do so using this email address:

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