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Sure-Fit Designs Fit & Sew Retreat
2020 Retreats/Workshops/1-on-1 Fit & Sew Day
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**6-Day Fit & Sew Retreat
Sure-Fit Designs Fit & Sew Retreat (6 days)

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Class size never exceeds 6 students - you all get individualized attention.

**1-on-1 Fit & Sew Day with Glenda the Good Stitch
You choose the date!

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The 'Short List' - If you want advance notice of Retreat dates (before they are advertised to the general mailing list), email
Glenda to be put on the 'short list'.  These Retreats generally fill within 2 - 4 days of announcing them.  Upon receiving your short list request, you will be sent a short questionnaire.  Please complete the questions to help me better understand your sewing experience and any fitting needs you may have. (Make sure you have read the Retreat details - link below).



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Would you like to read a 'Retreat' story?

Hi Glenda,
It's me again, just popping off a note to you. This time it's a story:
I have been creating garments for my kids since they were young so I wasn't surprised when my younger daughter, who I went to Palm Springs with, wanted to go fabric shopping there. I wasn't really in the market for fabric but love to check things out. Kerri on the other hand, kept pulling out fabric, saying "this would look so good as a dress" and this will make great Santa sacks. She asked how many yards she needed for a dress and I told her, using your Yardage Cheat Sheet of determining fabric quantities to buy, Glenda. She ended up buying enough for 2 dresses.
When we got home, she came over with 2 pictures and asked if I could make these garments using her body blueprint. I figured they were simple enough but wondered about the wisdom of removing darts as these garments had none. Finally I made the pattern. Yesterday I made the muslin prototypes and today made the 2 dresses.
Kerri's comment is a testimony to using the Sure-Fit Designs system. She loves the dresses, which fit her to a tee. Her comment was, "mom, you have made me so many outfits but these ones surpass anything you have ever done! I am amazed at how quickly you pulled them together after making the pattern which fits me. I think it's due to that course you took in the States. It gave you confidence and lots of skills!"
I agreed with her. Taking your Sure-Fit Design retreat, Glenda, was the best idea I have ever had! I can fit myself as well as others and turn out some great designs using fabrics I never used before! Thank you so much for offering your retreats and sharing your wisdom so freely!
One happy Canadian Sewer!
Eileen McNeil
Sure-Fit Designs Fit & Sew Retreat