Live Events by Sure-Fit Designs

Sure-Fit Designs in the USA offers free as well as 'paid for' live events. 

*Live broadcasts are paid events, which are longer and more in-depth presentations.

*Live chats are free events, generally shorter and featuring a single-concept lesson.

To date, we have offered 2 Live Broadcasts:
1. on Dress Kit pattern drawing and designing, called Let's Talk Pattern Fitting with Glenda the Good Stitch.  The replay of this event can be found in the at this link - Click Here.

2. Pants Perfection Broadcast: the replay of this event can be found in at this link - Click Here.

Free Live Chats: We have offered many since January 2021. These live chats are free, and are offered on our YouTube channel is  All are available free on replay on the same YouTube channel.

When broadcasts require a registration fee, you will be directed to a private YouTube link in order to watch the presentation.

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