About Janine Smith

Janine Smith

"My Superheroes don’t wear capes!” - Edna “E” Mode from the Incredibles

If you could choose your superpower, what would it be?

After watching the last Incredibles movie, I went to work and told my coworkers that I wanted to be Edna when I grew up.  Who doesn’t?  She gets to sew for the Incredibles superhero family, true...but also, I had to think about the high-tech fabric that she gets to use and there are no limitations to what she can create.

I have been a member of the Sure-Fit Designs Facebook group since 2015.  And you have all been my creative superheroes as I have admired your beautifully designed projects.  I have cheered and applauded your posts in the Facebook group. 

One day I noticed a Facebook post about Glenda’s announcement, and I immediately went to her website and read that she was retiring.  After seeing a few more posts in which you all were celebrating your projects I had a thought that maybe I could intervene.  I was really going to miss my role as the Sure-Fit Designs cheerleader and seeing your projects. 

So...if you were granted a superpower what would it be?  Mine is the ability to encourage people to learn and grow, to be the best they can be and I love celebrating their accomplishments. 

I am honored and so blessed to continue to cheer you on as you continue to design and create.

We are going to have so much fun!  I am excited about introducing new products, designs and new techniques to consider for making your garments, always ensuring that they fit whoever you are choosing to sew for, whether it be for yourself, your loved ones or professionally.  I have been a seamstress for many decades, sewing for my family and for high school and community theater.  I am always reading, taking classes and learning about sewing.  I am excited to share with you as I also will continue to learn from you. 

My other superheros

There are other superheroes in my life, and they wear blue scrubs.  I have been a nurse for a few decades, and I currently work as a registered nurse first assistant in a large hospital located in Portland, Oregon.  I am looking forward to transitioning out of nursing soon.  Glenda is a wonderful mentor and she and I are working together behind the scenes to ensure that this transition is done as smoothly as possible.  And yes, Glenda is retiring...but she will still be part of the Facebook group.  We can all congratulate her on her retirement...but we are not saying goodbye. 

I look forward to our fitting and sewing adventures together.  ~Janine