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Big Changes Ahead for Glenda the Good Stitch

Amazingas many of you know, Sure-Fit Designs™ has been in business for over 40 years. I am one of those very fortunate women to have been able to turn my hobby and passion into a very successful career.  Sure-Fit Designs™ has brought me immense joy by bringing pattern fitting and successful sewing to so many lives. I am extremely grateful to have had you as my loyal and supportive customers through the years.

Also, as many of you are aware, I have been through a difficult time this past year with the loss of my husband (and business partner) in April of 2022.  Wes was an integral part of the success of this business.  It simply hasn’t been the same without him. Since then, I have been faced with new and unexpected challenges along with numerous business and personal decisions to make.

With the average age of retirement at 65, I feel privileged that I have been able to go 10 years beyond that. So, after many months of deliberation, prayer, soul-searching and counsel, I have decided to retire within the coming months.

Please be aware that my retirement is not worldwide.  Sure-Fit Designs™ is alive and well and will continue to function via our strong distribution channels.  It is my primary intention and desire that Sure-Fit Designs continues to grow and flourish, all around the world. With everything ‘digital’ these days, I see so much potential for Sure-Fit Designs in new and wonderful ways that none of us now can even imagine. The international distributors and USA certified teachers have invested a substantial amount of time and resources into their Sure-Fit Designs™ business and are very keen to continue to operate their business in their respective roles and markets.

No doubt this announcement will spark many questions from you. Please click HERE to read your most anticipated questions and our responses.

Rest assured, your concerns will be addressed and that we will continue to offer strong customer support during this transition process.

It has been my absolute pleasure to have served you,

Glenda the Good Stitch

Glenda the Good Stitch
Glenda Sparling
President Ranita Corporation
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