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1-on-1 Fit & Sew Day with Glenda

1-on-1 Fit & Sew Day with Glenda the Good Stitch

Fitting problems?  We have the solution!
A day personalized exclusively for you…with Glenda the Good Stitch!
You choose the date! You choose the fitting topic! Solve those pesky fitting issues!

1-on-1 Fit & Sew Day with Glenda the Good Stitch



Date: You choose – what works for your schedule?

Time: 9:00AM to 5PM

Location: Sure-Fit Designs Private Sewing Studio – Star (near Boise) ID


What’s Included:
* 1 day private and intensive with Glenda the Good Stitch (1-on-1)
* Glenda’s undivided attention
* 2 nights hotel accommodation
* Meals: 2 breakfast, 1 lunch
* Airport pick-up & return
* Hotel pick-up & return
* Pattern drawing/drafting experience with Sure-Fit Designs™
* Learn/do/experience what you want within this 8 hr time frame
* Pattern custom fit to your needs
* Test garment construction with Sure-Fit Designs™
* Test fabric
* Tracing Vellum for onsite pattern work
* Threads & project-required notions
* Use of a Sewing Machine
* Use of a Serger
* Gift bag including some drawing/drafting supplies
* Follow-up 30-min. Skype session if requested
* One (1) instructional DVD of your choice
* One (1) Sew Along or Design Along of your choice from

What’s NOT Included:
* Your Airfare or transportation to Boise, ID
* Your SFD pattern kits/tools - Preferably you have previously purchased your kits/tools.  If not you can purchase any necessary supplies upon arrival.

Registration: $1659.00 (+tax).  For inquiries  and registration for this 1-on-1 Fit & Sew Day, call Glenda the Good Stitch @ 541-344-0422 (Mountain Time) or email

**Partial day, 1-Day or 2-Day private workshop (with or without hotel) - available upon request - registration fee can vary depending on your specific needs.  Simply email for details:



Private 1-on-1 Fit & Sew Days with Glenda the Good Stitch
 Liz (from WI) chose a 2-day private workshop with Glenda the Good Stitch.  Patterns fit to her unique shape with the result of one very happy student!

 Comments from Liz...'What a treasure it was for me to spend time with someone who is well versed and accomplished'...'My wish would have been that I did not wait so long to attend your private sewing sessions.  You  gave me the shot in the arm to tackle with confidence fitting concerns.'...'I have not been in such a relaxed learning setting in a very long time.  You welcomed me into your home and studio, offered me hospitality-- it was the best 4  day adventure I have been on in the past 5 years.'


Private 1;1 Workshop  

At machine

 Judi (from CA) chose a 1 1/2-day private workshop with Glenda the Good Stitch.  Judi wanted to focus on her bodice/blouse as she always had issues with her forward shoulders and slightly rounded back.  Great results were achieved!
Comments from Judi...On a scale of 1-10, it was a 20!  My expectation was exceeded in ways I could not imagine. Glenda gives you more than the cost of the  1-on-1. Glenda  had me work with her so that I learned the how-to for each area we modified. She is divine as is her husband Wes.  They make you feel so comfortable, like you are family not a guest. Words cannot express the feelings I had during the 1 1/2 days I spent and the gratitude I felt.  My husband gave me the trip and Glenda-time as a Christmas gift.  You may just want to gift yourself☺'


Private 1:1 with Winona

Winona (from Arizona) spent a productive day drafting, perfecting and sewing her Dress Kit bodice and skirt pattern.  What a wonderful opportunity to meet SFD customers in a 1:1 setting.


Private 1-1 KSZ

 Karen (from Pennsylvania) spent 2 days drafting, perfecting and sewing her personalized Pants & Dress Kit bodice with skirt patterns. 
Comment from Karen...Watching and reading your on-line lessons and articles convinced me you were very passionate about helping sewers achieve well fitting garments. Working with you in your home studio was everything I’d hoped it would be.Thank you for welcoming me into your home. Having your undivided attention made it possible to meet my goals.  


Sure-Fit Designs 1:1 Private Workshop

 Cathy (from Wisconsin) spent 1 day drafting, perfecting and sewing her personalized Dress Kit bodice.  Her asymmetrical shoulder heights required extra special attention.
Comments from Cathy...Glenda's teaching is systematic & professional.  She is an expert in fitting, an excellent instructor and very talented seamstress - numerous skills rolled into one. However, too often experts in their field can be overwhelming.  That wasn't the case with this training!  In addition to the excellent teaching, Glenda makes the entire experience comfortable and exceptional from the greeting at the front door to the last 'good-bye'.  Do I have a regret? - Yes, not scheduling at least another day.  So if you are considering the one to one training, and have the ability to spend additional time - Do It!  You won't be sorry.


Instruction 1:1 Private SFD Workshop

Sure-Fit Designs Privated 1:1 Workshop

 Linda (from California) spent 2 day drafting, perfecting and sewing her personalized Dress Kit bodice/skirt and excellent fitting pants.  
Comments from Linda...Glenda is fabulous to work with, she was patient and was willing to share her knowledge.and expertise.  I was extremely pleased with all aspects of the workshop.


1:1 Private Workshop

Private 1:1 SFD Workshop

Sue (from Louisana) spent 2 day drafting, perfecting and sewing her personalized Dress Kit bodice/skirt and excellent fitting pants.  

Comments...Working with Glenda was a sheer delight.  She was so gracious and welcoming.  I was worried I would be inadequate to the task, but Glenda was patient and made me feel quite comfortable. She also made me feel confident as we went along.  I felt good about asking questions and she pushed me to take the lead in places she knew I knew what I was doing.  It all felt very natural.  It’s amazing!!  I’m so glad I found this system and Glenda specifically.  She is an excellent teacher.


SFD Private 1:1 Workshop

Paula (from Washington) spent 2 day drafting, perfecting and sewing her personalized Dress Kit bodice/skirt and excellent fitting pants.  

Comments... you are a blessing to the world and I am so grateful to have discovered you in the first place and even more grateful that I was able to have a 1 on 1 with you.  Thank you for creating so many videos that are available to the world.  


Personalized and private workshop with Glenda the Good Stitch

Jane (from Wisconsin) spent 2 day drafting, perfecting and sewing her personalized Dress Kit bodice/skirt and excellent fitting pants.  

Comments...Glenda and her husband Wes welcomed me to their lovely home and made me feel so comfortable the entire time I was there.  If you are a woman "of a certain size" (as I am), you will not feel uncomfortable trying on your test garments.  Glenda's focus is to figure out what needs to be done for a better fit based on your body - not wishing for a different body to fit. 



August 2020 - Wendy (from Idaho) attended for 2 days personalized drafting, fitting and sewing her personalized Dress Kit bodice/skirt and excellent fitting pants.  

Comments...It was the best experience of my life. Glenda is a remarkable instructor and was a joy to be around. The knowledge she provides is worth its weight in Gold. I have tried for more then 20 years to get a perfect fit and now have it.  Walked away with so much more than I expected.  I would recommend the workshop to everyone.  It was definitely an experience I will never forget. And look forward to perfect fitting garments I can make for myself now. 




Mid-August 2020 - Barbara (from Michigan) attended for 2 days of drafting, fitting and sewing her personalized Dress Kit blouse and well-fitting pants.  

Comments...I especially appreciated seeing your samples with different darts and then experiencing how to do them.  That was a plus.  You are a very good teacher, you are clear and very patient with me and my goof ups. I am very pleased and money well spent.  I learned and can't wait to make my first garment.  I will send a pic. 




Late-August 2020 - Cheryl (from S. Carolina) 2 days of fun, challenges, drafting, fitting and sewing her personalized blueprint Dress Kit blouse & skirt and well-fitting pants.  

Comments...the process was very knowledgeable and enjoyable. Glenda has a eye for detail and extreme knowledge in pattern fitting.

J Bruff - June 2021

June 2021 - Jean (from S. Carolina) Day 1...Pants that fit (almost) straight out-of-box.  Day 2...asymmetrical shoulder challenges, but resulting in an excellent bodice outcome.  

Comments...This experience was excellent.  The very best lessons I have ever taken.  I am now excited to start making clothes that will fit!  Glenda is an excellent instructor and I will ever be grateful to her for sharing her time, talent and friendship with me. 


 SFD Private 1-1 Workshop


July 2021 - Terolyn (from S. Carolina) 3 days of personalized fitting pants, bodice, sleeves and skirt. 

Comments...Glenda's instructions and sessions were thorough and I was able to take amazing notes.  I am super confident in my pattern making skills now.  I could not have asked for a more grander, productive and life-changing event.

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