Children's Kit

Children's Kit


Children's Kit or Children's Combo Options

The Sure-Fit Designs™ Children's Kit
Sew great fitting clothes for both boys and girls, from toddlers to teens, with the Sure-Fit Designs Children's Kit

How it works:
The child's measurements are applied to the Sure-Fit Designs Master Patterns.  The resulting pattern  reflects their body shape and circumferences. 

The kit is great for growing children with a multitude of master patterns and a 36 page Instruction Book giving information on drawing and creating the patterns as well as a multitude of style designs for kids.

Watch the video below for more information.
Children's Kit Contents
The Children's Kit Contents - What's in the kit?
  • Master Pattern - Shirts/Blouses/tops (chest circumference range 16" - 34") 
  • Master Pattern - Girl's Skirt
  • Master Pattern - Sleeves
  • Master Pattern - Pants (hip circumference range 18" - 36")'
  • Master Pattern - Waistband, Hood, Bib, Pockets
  • Master Pattern - Collars
  • Latest 5th Edition Shirt Kit Instruction Book - 36 page - value in every page
  •  ***Kit envelope packaging may vary.
What can be sewn from this pattern kit?
Shirts for both girls and boys, tops, blouses, skirts, jumpsuits, pants for both girls and boys, dungarees, casual jackets, jeans, bath robes, dresses, sleeveless/sleeved fleeces, polo shirts, bibbed overalls.

Not included with just the Children's Kit?
- Designing Stylus (curved drawing tool).  
This essential tool is required to draw the patterns for all the kits and is offered separately to allow customers to buy the Kit only options where you already own a Stylus.  Tracing Vellum (paper) is also available separately.
Designing Stylus

However, these tools are also available as part of the discounted Combos described below.

What's in the discounted Children's Kit Combo options:

Mini Children's Kit Combo = Children's Kit, Stylus & How-To DVD
Reg Children's Kit Combo = Children's Kit, Stylus & How-To DVD and 1x20yd Tracing Vellum.
When it says 'Children's Kit Only', it means exactly that.  You'd receive just the Children's Kit at regular retail price - no discounts.
See the video directly below showing you the exact items that are in the Reg Children's Kit Combo.


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